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World Chess News – WCN

World Chess news is a half-hour long TV-show about chess, aired weekly on local channels in Sweden and on the Internet. Since autumn 2007 WCN is also a partner of the expanding Dream TV Systems, which brings the TV-show to the American audience. The Idea behind WCN was to spread chess news all over the world, to show chess players that the effort they put into chess is noticed, and to show non-chess players that chess inspires and engages all kinds of people: chess is so much more than just an ancient board-game.


WCN was started as a protest to the negligence of chess by the Swedish media, and it is run by a non-profit organization that survives through private donations.

Chess is not only a beautiful and fascinating board-game, chess is a popular movement. FIDE, the World Chess Federation has over 40 million registered competitive chess players. But that is only a small fraction of all the people in the world that know how to play chess, and an even smaller part of those who know what chess is. Surveys from the mid 90’s show that almost a third of Sweden’s population knows how to play chess, a number that is expected to have grown rapidly since then.


In today’s society chess is associated with strategical thinking, intelligence and success. Features that are currently considered fashionable among the wide public. Not to mention that multiple researches have shown that chess has extremely good character-building effects on children. It teaches them strategical planning, that actions have consequences, to create goals and to make up plans in order to achieve those goals, and much more. In the light of these results projects are started in more and more countries around the world to make chess into a school subject, thus spreading the game even more.