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WCN – The TV-program

World Chess News is the first and only TV-show in Sweden about chess. It was started in the spring of 2004, and the first episode was aired on the 2nd of August in 2004. Since then a fresh episode has been aired every week, making it 312 episodes in November 2010.

The lack of interest for the game within the Swedish media resulted in the WCN team creating a TV-show in their own way.


Having no knowledge about TV-producing, filming or redactional work, the creators used qualities acquired from playing chess, such as strategical planning, logical thinking and hard work, knowing that if you only apply yourself enough, you can make anything happen. And just a couple of months later they had turned the dream into reality

The established media claimed that the audience that would be interested in chess was too small, but WCN has proved them wrong. Three and a half years after the first aired episode, over 15.000 people download their productions from the Internet, a day. And that’s just from the sources that WCN can measure. The local Swedish channels that WCN is aired on reach over 800.000 Swedish households (these channels do not provide specific viewer numbers), and Dream TV Systems are constantly expanding, spreading WCN all over the world. 


The goal is to spread the concept of WCN to every country of the world, making WCN accessible to everyone and anyone.