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The team behind WCN

The profile of WCN



The profile of WCN

The show has a fresh and young attitude, sometimes even a bit cocky, attracting the attention of crowds that are not usually associated with the ”typical chess player”. The optimistic attitude that flows through the show is just one small fragment of its unique concept, and was created because of that the WCN team wanted the show to carry a message to people, saying that if you fight and work hard you will succeed.


Almost from the very first episode, prof. Dr. Arne Johansson, president of “Schackets kulturhistoriska sällskap” (the Cultural-Historical Association of Chess) has had his own part of WCN, contributing with chess-historical episodes that are widely appreciated.


WCN receives information and material from organizers of chess events from all over the world, making the content current and interesting for an international audience as well. The show was however originally created for the Swedish audience, which is why the spoken language is Swedish, but since the beginning of 2007, English subtitles are put on the versions of WCN that reach international viewers.




Since the start of WCN the spread has been incredible. Not only has this resulted in the show being aired in more media, but it has also resulted in articles about WCN, radio- and newspaper interviews with the WCN team, and loads of Internet publications on the subject of WCN.